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Is there an email admin from RR.COM out there?

  • From: Jeff Wheeler
  • Date: Fri Oct 08 15:30:17 2004

Not sure how applicable to NANOG this is, but the below thread has started on another list that I am on, and I thought someone listening here from RR.COM might be able to help. If you think you can assist or at least want to find out more about these issues, please contact me off list and I'll get you in touch with those effected.

Jeff Wheeler
Postmaster, Network Admin
US Institute of Peace

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mitchell Kahn
Date: October 8, 2004 3:06:22 PM EDT
To: "CommuniGate Pro Discussions"
Subject: Re: blocked for too many messages?

It sounds as if your difficulties are actually worse than mine. Thanks for letting me know that I am in good company.


On Oct 8, 2004, at 11:44 AM, eLists wrote:


I too have had my emails to any server rejected as well. I also checked my IP address at this senderbase page and funny how a ranking of 10 equates to all internet email, and with my server sending out about 2000 emails a day, I have a rating of 2.3?

Seems something is rather messed up with both senderbase and rr (not surprising that rr is messed up).

In the past few days, my server has only attempted to send about 20 emails to servers. Yet all of mine are also blocked. Like you, my IP is not in any lists.

Mitchell Kahn wrote:
One of our clients received the following messaged when her e-mail was bounced:
Failed to deliver to '[email protected]'
SMTP module(domain reports:
host says:
452 Too many recipients received this hour. Please see our rate limit
policy at
I went to the page listed to try to understand why her e-mail was rejected but this is incongruent with the facts as I understand them. I checked our logs and there was only one attempt in the last two days to send mail to this domain. My server does not appear on any of the spam lists that they show (see below), we have a static IP address on the server, and we don't have any open relays. This Road Runner process appears to render e-mail useless as a communication tool if this is the future of spam filtering. I contacted the ISP that bounced the mail but I have not had a response. (I wonder if my contact mail was bounced.)
Is anyone else familiar with this experience? Does anyone know of a way around it?
Mitchell Kahn