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Re: question on ptr rr

  • From: Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 22:35:17 2004

Randy Bush wrote:

as your percentiles look worse than those here, do you think
it is indian dns maintenance or politics, or linux list
users, or both?
DNS maintenance, and cluelessness at several ISPs - quite a few ISPs don't even have PTR RR for their smarthosts.

Luckily most of the larger ISPs around do have PTR for their smarthosts, but several of them seem to think it is not necessary for their dialup / dsl pool, or even for their colo clients.. rDNS is an "added extra" that you have to pay for)

Good thing = there's a regional netops conference called SANOG (South Asian NOG, at that concentrates on the indian subcontient region and is also priced cheaply enough so that lots more people from the subcontinent can attend.

Priced cheaply as in other netops conferences are dirt cheap in dollars, but USD 1 = INR 48, and the average monthly salary of a mid level ISP sysadmin is something like USD 500..600.