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Re: SMTP authentication for broadband providers

  • From: Adi Linden
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 23:08:07 2004

> We're a medium sized regional MSO/broadband provider with 200k+
> mailboxes, strongly considering enabling SMTP authentication on our
> customer-facing SMTP mail servers.  

We're relying exclusively on SMTP AUTH for SMTP relaying. The single 
biggest issue is that it requires ongoing user education. After a few 
weeks people forget what they did do get rid of the "Relaying denied" 
error message. It doesn't help that SMTP AUTH is not an option the "New 
Account Wizard" of Outlook and Outlook Express asks for. It has to be 
setup manually after.

For "our" mail users it has been well received, ignoring the support 
calls. A big advantage is that roaming user no longer have to worry about 
who ip space they're on. That may change as networks install SMTP blocks.