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Re: question on ptr rr

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 22:07:54 2004

> As I told you in another email, a good 40% of my mail on my personal 
> colo comes from sources without rDNS - mostly within India, from and to 
> some fairly large linux lists.
> After all the filters that I use were applied - 682 unique IP addresses, 
> with no rDNS sent at least 6124 legitimate (assumed legitimate as not 
> caught by my filters) emails in the period from Feb 2 to Feb 10.
> This box hosts mail for two large linux lists.  And hosts my email, and 
> email for my parents and a few friends. I and my friends are subscribed 
> to various local linux and other mailing lists - several of which have 
> no rDNS.

so, it's a long way from your 'tipping point'.

as your percentiles look worse than those here, do you think
it is indian dns maintenance or politics, or linux list
users, or both?