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Re: Cisco Router best for full BGP on a sub 5K bidget 7500 7200 or other vendor ?

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Sat Feb 07 07:53:20 2004

On 7-feb-04, at 11:48, Alexander Hagen wrote:

I have been looking for a sub 5K router on the used market to support
around 30-50 megs peak traffic.

We are looking at a pure Ethernet environment - but with the desire to
support a lot of value added services - such as IPSEC, VoIP, traffic
I would go for the 7200 VXR, if the price works. The 7200 has a nice simple architecture and is still fairly current, unlike the 7500. The fact that everything is done in software saves big time on complexity and power usage. A multilayer switch gives you much more bang and ports for your buck but you pay for that in complexity: harder to configure and monitor (this is especially bad for Cisco layer 3 switches, Foundry, Extreme and Riverstone are better in this regard), trouble because certain features or combinations thereof aren't supported in hardware and you often get into trouble with agressive worm scanning or denial of service attacks. A Juniper gives you the same bang (but not the same number of ports) for a few more bucks but will hold up much better under adverse circumstances.

As the saying goes: fast, cheap, good: pick any two. A 7200 is cheap and good, L3 switches are fast and cheap and a Juniper is fast and good.