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Cisco Router best for full BGP on a sub 5K bidget 7500 7200 or other vendor ?

  • From: Alexander Hagen
  • Date: Sat Feb 07 05:51:13 2004

I have been looking for a sub 5K router on the used market to support
around 30-50 megs peak traffic.

I have found the 7507/7513 but these things appear to have been
manufactured in 1995 !

Then there is the 7206 and the 7206 VXR - I guess the 7206 itself is
just as old as the 7507 and 7513 and the same price at the least -
perhaps because of its form factor. 

The 7206 VXR makes me feel a little better - as it was manufactured in

We are looking at a pure Ethernet environment - but with the desire to
support a lot of value added services - such as IPSEC, VoIP, traffic
accounting. Cisco's have traditionally been good at PRI and T-1 and T-3
type interfaces - which we don't really need -which leads me to think
Foundry might be an option.

Juniper appears to be at least 7,000.00 - and I am worried about support
- based on other articles I have seen.

So the question is would a layer 3 switch be a good idea with a lot of
memory - for example the Cat 6509 ?

Perhaps foundry BigIron with Jetware ?

Please give me your thoughts - it is hard to believe that the 7507 and
7513 are my best options....

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