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Re: AOL web troubles.. New AOL speedup seems to be a slowdown

  • From: The Gunn
  • Date: Mon Feb 02 08:40:19 2004


I have some friends in the web proxy group at AOL, if you can send me (or
post to this list) some urls that are breaking, they can take a look for

According to them, if the java problem is happening on AOL 8.0 as well as
9.0, then it's not a TopSpeed issue (TopSpeed is just an executable that
runs in tandem with 9.0), but could be some other client-related problem..

And in response to Rob's suggestion to use SSL instead of implementing
cache-control, it would be a pretty wasteful implementation of SSL if its
purpose is solely to prevent a proxy from recompressing your images.

-- The Gunn
[email protected]

> <snipped since its kinda long>
> Just got done working with my mother's machine again, and have been
> watching
> her and a bunch of other people who use AOL 9.0 and some who use 8.0.
> Something over the past week alone has definately happened in regards to
> the
> AOL TopSpeed stuff.  I've got a situation with more then 75% of the people
> I've tested, that they have problems running java applets (including AOL's
> own
> link into pogo games) in AOL 9.0 GM (that they are distributing to end
> users).
> When the user switches to AOL 8.0, the problem exist.  When the user uses
> IE
> separate from AOL, the problem does not exist.  There are other issues
> developing as well - random freezing of java games for example.  Once
> again,
> this only happens in 9.0.
> This was working fine two weeks ago on all of these people's machines.
> Of course, this is increasing my daily workload, as I now have users
> having
> problems that I need to sit and try and diagnose.  I've been telling
> people to
> use AOL 8.0 or IE if they want to play games.
> But, yes, there appears to be a problem somewhere with this TopSpeed stuff
> that people have been noting complaints about.
> Sorta off topic, but alot of people here also do support for this kind of
> stuff, and would like to get some feedback as to what others are seeing
> with
> their end users.  I have a sinking feeling that when I take the time to
> file
> an official bug report/issue, they will tell me 'reformat and reinstall'.
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