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Re: AOL web troubles.. New AOL speedup seems to be a slowdown

  • From: Brian Bruns
  • Date: Sun Feb 01 09:04:59 2004

<snipped since its kinda long>

Just got done working with my mother's machine again, and have been watching
her and a bunch of other people who use AOL 9.0 and some who use 8.0.
Something over the past week alone has definately happened in regards to the
AOL TopSpeed stuff.  I've got a situation with more then 75% of the people
I've tested, that they have problems running java applets (including AOL's own
link into pogo games) in AOL 9.0 GM (that they are distributing to end users).
When the user switches to AOL 8.0, the problem exist.  When the user uses IE
separate from AOL, the problem does not exist.  There are other issues
developing as well - random freezing of java games for example.  Once again,
this only happens in 9.0.

This was working fine two weeks ago on all of these people's machines.

Of course, this is increasing my daily workload, as I now have users having
problems that I need to sit and try and diagnose.  I've been telling people to
use AOL 8.0 or IE if they want to play games.

But, yes, there appears to be a problem somewhere with this TopSpeed stuff
that people have been noting complaints about.

Sorta off topic, but alot of people here also do support for this kind of
stuff, and would like to get some feedback as to what others are seeing with
their end users.  I have a sinking feeling that when I take the time to file
an official bug report/issue, they will tell me 'reformat and reinstall'.

Brian Bruns
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