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Re: Authority

  • From: Richard Cox
  • Date: Wed Dec 10 15:24:43 2003

On 10 Dec 2003 19:49 UTC Jeff S Wheeler <[email protected]> wrote:

|> the nanog-l is not WILLIAM LEIBZON's personnal hatered list. If he
|> wants people to read on his stuff, he can just start his own list.
| Actually, he has his own mailing list, and it is closed to the public.
| You can read it at though this
| is an unauthorized archive that some dissenting list member populates.

The "Hijacked" list is certainly not William's private list, although he
is a welcome contributor there.  I am but the humble keeper of that list
and with the rest of the participants we try to share information about
IP/ASN misuse so that (parts of) the 'net can run more smoothly.

Anyone can join and (within reason) contribute unless they appear to be
involved with the routing of IP blocks of dubious provenance.  (And yes,
I admit it, I'm behind with the new joiners queue.  Apologies for that!)

The archive site is expected to be relocating on or about 12/31/2003

Blaxthos <[email protected]> previously wrote:

| I take issue with anyone who publically accuses another entity of
| wrongdoing beyond his scope of authority.

Then you would appear to have a circular argument to contend with.

Richard Cox