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Re: Authority

  • From: jon bennett
  • Date: Wed Dec 10 15:10:44 2003

If people are speeding in my neighborhood, I can not go and take down
their pictures, personal information, license plate numbers, etc., post
them publically, and accuse them of breaking the law (even if they did!).
Yes you can.

That's liabel,
It is not libel, that they were speeding is a true statement.
Truth is an absolute defense against a charge of libel.

and it is illegal (and wrong).
And what law does it violate?

as previous respondent said

"In the north-american country I happen to live in, you do not need
'authority' to express your opinions."

I suspect I live in the same country, and here you need even less (i.e. zero) 'authority' to express that which is true.

good day