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RE: Lack of Security

  • From: Mathias Körber
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 02:19:16 2001

| Why is it important that they not?  It seems to me that the only
| difference between a person with a ticket and a person without now is just
| the ticket.  Neither have baggage and all have to go through the same
| checkpoints.  The only thing is more time for shaking people down that
| either raise suspicion or set the metal detector off.  What does the
| removal of curbside checking provide?

The difference is that those with tickets will get on the plane and thus
pose a higher potential security risk. So they should be screened more
closely, which will require time and resources. Not screening those
who don't want to fly will free up those resources. Why should non-passenger
be screened in the first place. They can stay outside the security perimeter.
| My wife brought up an interesting point.  We travel with small children,
| and they tend to need things to keep them occupied while they're in small
| confined spaces for hours at a time.  They also need things like diapers,
| formula, pacifiers, snacks, etc. which will be impossible to transport
| without some sort of carry on bag.  Make no mistake, these are reactionary

Here I agree. I do think that as a short-term measure this is OK, until
new procedures have been worked out, *tested* and implemented, but in the long
term carry-on will have to return.