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RE: Lack of Security

  • From: Joe Shaw
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 02:13:57 2001

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Mathias Körber wrote:

> | Can someone explain to me how only allowing ticketed passengers past
> | security checkpoints is going to accomplish anything toward increased
> | security?  The only thing I can even dream of is that it will reduce the
> | number of people passing the checkpoints.
> And thus reduce the number of people and bags etc that need to be checked,
> which will allow for more time to do thorough checks.
> Why is it important that non-passengers be able to get all the way to the gate?

Why is it important that they not?  It seems to me that the only
difference between a person with a ticket and a person without now is just
the ticket.  Neither have baggage and all have to go through the same
checkpoints.  The only thing is more time for shaking people down that
either raise suspicion or set the metal detector off.  What does the
removal of curbside checking provide?

My wife brought up an interesting point.  We travel with small children,
and they tend to need things to keep them occupied while they're in small
confined spaces for hours at a time.  They also need things like diapers,
formula, pacifiers, snacks, etc. which will be impossible to transport
without some sort of carry on bag.  Make no mistake, these are reactionary
feel good measures that are designed to make people feel safer, but will
probably not amount to anything significant except more irritable
passengers.  If they thought air rage was bad now, it's only going to get
worse because flying was already becoming a huge pain in the ass.  I can
only imagine what this is going to do to the airline industry, considering
they were already having enough problems.  Midway Airlines already closed
up shop according to CNN this morning.  I'm certainly not comfortable
checking my laptop with baggage handlers.  There's no telling where it
will end up, whom it will end up with, or what shape it will end up in.

You won't see anyone contest these new rules either, because no one wants
to be seen as rocking the boat.  This is what politicians and beuracrats

Joseph W. Shaw II
Network Security Specialist/CCNA
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