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RE: Horrible world trade center crash, traffic effect

  • From: Rishi Singh
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 20:00:27 2001

Our Internap DS-3 circuit is down in NY. InterNAP can't call the circuit out
to Verizon, because Verizon isn't doing any testing or dispatching
currently. It could be a few days till this circuit comes back. We are
moving to our other providers at different geographical sites currently.

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>The problem seems to be site limiting, rather than network limiting. 
>i.e., news sites are being overloaded, which is causing slow or no 
>response to http queries due to either server overload (my guess) or 
>news site transit link overload (also possible). This is what seems to 
>be causing lacking of response to news sites, instead of generalized 
>network or peering congestion.

I can concur. Network running fine (busy, but not full). Servers *very* 
busy. I am amazed how few network outages in NYC I am hearing about.

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