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Re: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

  • From: Matthew S. Hallacy
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 19:56:52 2001

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 04:50:49AM +0800, Mathias Körber wrote:
> | Many really small regional airports allow you to board without 
> | going through
> | metal detectors/bag x-rays. Once you get off the plane at the
> | destination(larger airport) you're behind the "secure" zone, and can also
> | board another flight without going through one.
> Which is why many international Airports (Narita, HKG) make you go through security again
> when switching planes. I don't think Changi (Singapore, where I live) does though.. They
> have shared de-planing/boarding areas. I guess that will change...

At MSP international layovers are secured in a sealed area that is swept before unloading, 
and swept again after reloading, although the security in the rest of the airport is rather
lax at best (from my experience at least,  where after a few metal detector sweeps we 
couldn't determine what caused it to go off, they looked at me, and let me go through anyway) 

Then of course, there's always the people who are loading/unloading the baggage 
(the same ones who have stolen electronic equipment, small amounts of money, and 
a norelco razor from my locked baggage by ripping the zipper open) who are 
obviously not monitored enough.

I don't see things getting better anytime soon.

				Matthew S. Hallacy