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Re: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 20:03:57 2001

This would be a mistake.

There are a number of possible mechanical scenarios in which the pilot
needs physical access to the cabin in order to inspect various systems
of the airplane to make a determination about the proper procedures.
Mechanical problems are still significantly more likely than this form
of terrorist attack.


Bill Larson wrote:
> Actually there should be an external entrance for the cockpit crew. The
> cockpit crew should be escorted to the cockpit by armed security officers.
> The door between the cockpit and the passenger cabin should be totally
> removed. This would prevent the luring of the flight crew to the passenger
> cabin and prevent passenger access to the cockpit all together. By doing
> this, you would have no more suicide bombings by hijackers. This does not
> prevent a crazy flight crewmember wanting to suicide killing the other
> crewmembers. However, nothing will protect against that.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "John Hall" <[email protected]>
> >
> >
> > Bullet proof bulkhead separating the pilot's compartment from the cabin
> > that is locked/unlocked externally by the ground crew.  Everyone knows
> > the pilot *can't* open the door even if he wanted to...
> >
> > JMH
> >
> > Vadim Antonov wrote:
> > >
> > > Locked bulletproof door to the cockpit. Survelliance cameras in the
> > > passenger compartments.  That all which was needed to foil the attack.
> Now
> > > I think it's time to ask why this isn't the standard procedure?
> > >
> > > --vadim

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