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Re: florida ix(en) facing south

  • From: Douglas A. Dever
  • Date: Thu Dec 21 14:49:56 2000

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Christian Kuhtz wrote:

>We try
> to be very flexible to the point that we are location independant, but there
> are probably some economic realities which will set in soone or later.

And here is the key sentence in the first two paragraphs. :)

> The Florida-MIX is designed to provide several different ways of connecting to
> the NAP, and I am not aware of any restrictions which tie you to a particular 
> carrier.  

Of course, there are probably some economic realities which will set in
sooner or later. :-)

> I understand (and since I wasn't born into this company, I also share) some of 
> the feelings and reservations against RBOCs.  However, I think in 
>'s defence, there are several fine IP geeks working on this 
> project, and a lot of brains and effort spent on worrying about how to make 
> this successful and we're trying our very best to do this right 

I have no doubt of that, but in the end, these things have to pay for
themselves.  Many projects start out with incredibly open-minded people
working on a great project, but in order to shake things out on the bottom
line, bean-counters and MBA's eventually brush some (or a lot) of that
aside to address the "economic realities." Forgive me if I'm sounding
skeptical, but none of us are here to lose money.

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