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Re: florida ix(en) facing south

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Thu Dec 21 15:28:52 2000

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 02:07:59PM -0500, Douglas A. Dever wrote:
> Of course, there are probably some economic realities which will set in
> sooner or later. :-)

Not to get into a flame war, but..  The implication I read into it is that they
will definitely work against you.  Sorry if I got that wrong.

We only cook with water around here and this isn't created in a vacuum.  And I 
think there are some obvious realities to transport costs which have nothing 
to do with whether I'm writing this and happen to be employed by an affiliate 
of an RBOC or not.

Like, is an ATM VC cost really cheaper (if it some happens that it does appear
that way) than say TDM transport or a 802.1q GE pipe when you take into 
account overhead, equipment and operational cost?

I think the answer depends on far more than the NAP, specifically who you are
and what your infrastructure is.  If you happen to be a fibermule, you probably
don't care to run ATM unless you must.  If you happen to already have ATM and
that's what you live by then perhaps it's not worth the change.  If you are
colo-ed, why bother with anything but a cheap and efficient VLAN?  

Just to point out a few examples, don't claim I have any authority on any of
the answers at this point (because there are a lot more variables to actually
answer these questions; some are very subjective).

> I have no doubt of that, but in the end, these things have to pay for
> themselves.  Many projects start out with incredibly open-minded people
> working on a great project, but in order to shake things out on the bottom
> line, bean-counters and MBA's eventually brush some (or a lot) of that
> aside to address the "economic realities."  Forgive me if I'm sounding
> skeptical, but none of us are here to lose money.

True.  And you should be skeptical like the rest of us.  I guess we'll all see 
how it turns out.  But it also depends a great deal on communicating clearly, 
so, hopefully this will aid in that regard.


PS: Thank god for the nomex lined pants ;-)

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