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RE: Operations: where are you going to sit?

  • From: Mark Radabaugh
  • Date: Thu Dec 07 00:01:55 2000

> For what it is worth, I believe that the use of cellphones in airplanes
> is prohibited by the FCC, not by the FAA.  That is, the use of cellphones
> in airplanes (in flight) adversely affects the cellphone system.  A
> cellphone at a high altitude is visible in numerous cells, with conflicts
> with the assumption that a cellphone will be heard (more or less) only
> in one cell.
> Now, about the use of other radio receivers and transmitters in airplanes...

And for what it's worth -- they don't work above ~3000 feet.  I assume this is
due to the design of the cell site antenna.   Not that I ever tried it in a
private plane or anything...

Mark Radabaugh
[email protected]