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Re: a privacy violation at the DC Renaissance Hotel - to all NANOG 20 conference participants

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Tue Dec 05 17:54:16 2000

At Tuesday 04:02 PM 12/5/00, Mike Hughes wrote:

>Then, whenever I'm on my travels, I open an SSH session to my 
>office network, and tunnel all web traffic through the SSH session 
>to my Squid.

That's exactly what I did with all my POP3 and SMTP traffic at the
conference: built a tunnel (recent versions of the SSH module for
TeraTerm for Windows do this great!) via SSH, pop/smtp to local
loopback interface. A 5 minute thing. Even though I had a web proxy
available at the other end of that SSH-based tunnel as well, I
didn't think it was necessary: data was just not sensitive
enough for SSL, yet it was private and of certain value in the wrong
hands, and vulnerable as such when stored for extended periods of time
on someone else's harddrive. The usefulness of the VPN-spiel or
end-to-end IPSec doesn't seem so theoretical anymore.