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Re: a privacy violation at the DC Renaissance Hotel - to all NANOG 20 conference participants

  • From: Mike Hughes
  • Date: Tue Dec 05 16:07:45 2000

On 5 Dec 00, at 15:17, Kai Schlichting wrote:

> STSN apparently uses a transparent proxy (which I have no problem with)
> that continually keeps a copy of what is accessed for a very long
> time (which I have a BIG problem with) - but it doesn't stop there:
> it's doing conditional re-GET's on those objects in the cache,
> keeping it up-to-date (and I will not allege that the STSN admins
> are "surfing the logs" so to speak, there is not evidence for that).

Well, I'm glad I didn't hit anything sensitive through that service, 
and basically only checked mail over SSH.

One of the things I'm considering doing (but not got around to yet), 
is building myself a "friendly" Squid proxy on my office network.

Then, whenever I'm on my travels, I open an SSH session to my 
office network, and tunnel all web traffic through the SSH session 
to my Squid.

That's the best solution I can think of for this kind of stuff. Anyone 
else got any ideas?

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