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Re: When IPv6 ... if ever?

  • From: batz
  • Date: Fri Sep 08 14:02:43 2000

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Masataka Ohta wrote:

:> Besides IPSec, dynamic addressing, authentication and improved
:> security, are there other benefits to deploying IPv6 instead of 
:> NAT? 
:Are you saying that there has been some studies done on IPv6 that it
:does offer dynamic addressing, authentication and improved security?
:Where can I find it?

I'm assuming you're being facetious. Those features can be done
with v4 and v6, using DHCP, IPSec, and ideally some other features. 

If v6 is going to come into widespread use on the net, it has to 
be in production somewhere. Firewalled corporate networks are as 
sterile an environment to unleash it as any. As it stands, NAT 
was just a hack to conserve address space, and now that there
are 'functional' v6 implementations maybe it's time to start
thinking of a strategy for deployment. 

The reason I was asking if a study was done was to find out if 
there was any good reason, beyond curiosity, to deploy v6 on 
private production networks. 

If not, how long should we expect to have to tolerate vendor 
hubris and bad hacks to get around depleted address space? 

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