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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Patrick Evans
  • Date: Thu Aug 31 21:44:19 2000

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 [email protected] wrote:

> Because some hosts are providing other virtualized services which
> are nowhere near being ready for use without per-IP allocations.

As a quick reminder of what the release actually says...

"While some organizations use IP-based webhosting to, in part, justify
their requests for IP space, ARIN will no longer accept IP-based
hosting as justification for an allocation unless an exception is
warranted. The ARIN Instructions for Using Name-based Virtual
Webhosting may be a useful tool in setting up, converting to, and
using name-based hosting."

Look, to put it simply, it says above that the argument that "I need
more IP space cos I keep using one IP per web site and there's no
other reason for me burning so many IPs" is no longer going to be
accepted by ARIN.

Nowhere above does it say "we're not going to give you any more IP
space, period, particularly if you need it for something OTHER than
IP-based virtual webhosting".

What does "unless an exception is warranted" and the explicit
reference to IP-based webhosting mean to you? I'm really stumped on
this one!

> I'll grant that it's not such a big issue for HTTP anymore, 

Certainly if the people are burning IPs for HTTP without any other
reason, which is precisely what this announcement seems to address...

> except of course for bandwidth shapers, network analysis tools,
> load-balancing switches, kernel-based virtualizations, etc etc
> etc.
...which all seem to come across as falling into the "unless an
exception is warranted" category, at least to some extent.

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