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Re: Now the idiots at ORBS are probing random dial-ups

  • From: L. Sassaman
  • Date: Wed Aug 23 20:43:14 2000

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On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Peter van Dijk wrote:

> Stop there. You are now promoting blocking because you don't
> like what some MAPS guy says to you. MAPS and ORBS are different and
> separate (some might say rivaling but let's not have that discussion
> again) organizations. Don't hold one responsible for what the other
> does.

Barry has simply proven, yet again, that he is a moron. The cluestick has
been hitting him squarely in the head for quite some time, but it's not
making a mark.


Regarding the DUL list, I personally think it is the only anti-spam list
that an ISP can afford to apply to its systems. (I would be extremely
surprised if it actually blocked any legitimate mail. ORBS, on the other
hand, definitely has too many false positives for me, even if I did agree
with the ethics of the admins. And while the MAPS RBL and RSS are
extremely effective with relatively low blockage of legitimate mail, the
risk of blocking the legitimate mail is too high for me.)

The DUL list is extremely useful. J.D. can correct me if I am wrong, but
they don't do any probing with this list; they just list the IPs that are
in dialup pools. It doesn't matter if they have an open relay or no mail
server at all. Since there's rarely any legitimate reason for someone to
be sending mail from a mail server on a dialup line, this easily blocks a
large source of spam with little risk.


L. Sassaman

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