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ROOT SERVERS ***Important Message Please Read***

  • From: Verd, Brad
  • Date: Wed Aug 23 20:21:55 2000

***Important Message Please Read***

This evening it was brought to the attention of the Network Solutions
Registry that four of the thirteen root servers were not responding with the
NS Set for the COM zone's name servers.  The root servers in question were
not responsible for the com zone, but in normal operation they would point
to the com zone's name servers as a redirect.  B.root, j.root, g.root and
m.root were the servers in question.

This problem stems from an issue with an NSI server from which the roots,
stated above, perform a named xfer.  We are taking appropriate actions to
prevent this or similar incidents from happening in the future.  

As of 1950 EDT all root servers have a correct root zone and are answering

We are still investigating the cause of this incident, and we will keep you
apprised of any developments.

Brad Verd
gTLD Operations Manager				
Network Solutions Registry
Email - [email protected]