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Re: Now the idiots at ORBS are probing random dial-ups

  • From: Chris Adams
  • Date: Tue Aug 22 09:54:12 2000

Once upon a time, Steve Sobol <[email protected]> said:
> Chris Adams wrote:
> > As for ORBS: I have had several customers with open relays lately (which
> > they've shut as soon as we notified them).  A couple of them used our
> > primary mail server as a smarthost, so ORBS listed it as well.  In each
> > case, ORBS failed to notify us of the listing at all.  We only found out
> > when our customers had mail blocked at servers using ORBS.
> I got notified when ORBS found one of the servers under my care to be 
> open.
> Ah. Here's the copy of the notification that I got. They send to
> [email protected] and
> [email protected]
> That.Is.Found.To.Be.Open[0]. Question is, is someone answering 
> [email protected]?

I have [email protected] delivered to my mailbox (after procmailing
out the regular automated stuff).  We also have several people that
check the [email protected] mailbox several times a day.  Last time I
even checked our mail log for anything that might have been misdirected
or filtered out.  No notification at all, multiple times now.
Chris Adams <[email protected]>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Information Services
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