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Community NO-EXPORT

  • From: Dave Cahill
  • Date: Tue Aug 22 11:15:22 2000

Community NO-EXPORT 

I have AS1 connected to AS2 via two different paths and different routers

|-------------------|         |--------|
|                   |---------|        |-----OTHERS
|       AS1         |         |  AS2   |
|   |         |        |
|                   |---------|        |-----OTHERS
|-------------------|         |--------|

I advertise my class B range from AS1 for example on both
routers but
to achieve some load-sharing I addvertise on one router and on the other router as well.

I setup a community NO-EXPORT for the /17 so AS2 won't advertise them out to
other AS's.

The question
In AS2 BGP selects the best route and /17 should be selected because of the
match rule.  BGP places the /17 in its routing table.  BGP should only
UPDATE the other
IBGP Peers with its routing table entry (IE Each router won't send it's
entire BGP database).
So if the /17 will be sent to other IBGP with the community NO-EXPORT how do
other AS's learn
about the /16 ?

Dave Cahill