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Re: An example

  • From: Kevin Oberman
  • Date: Fri Aug 11 10:49:59 2000


Seeing where the bounce came from, I would not get too upset. They
(he?) cut off their noses to spite their faces. My system is not on
any RBL/ORBS list, but I can't mail there because they mandate that
the sending system have an MX record, in direct contravention of
RFC1123 and others.

My sending system does not normally receive mail and it is not listed
in any header field. I have no intention of adding an MX just so I can
explain to Greg that he is wrong about something.

But PLEASE don't lump ORBS with the MAPS and related systems.

R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer
Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)
Ernest O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)
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