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Re: Summary: Bay Area Power (2000-06-14)

  • From: Henry R. Linneweh
  • Date: Fri Jun 16 11:11:45 2000

The PG&E claim was they did not have the capacity. I think the problem
is more like not having the manpower to bring up extra capacity at peak
points, they can't even fix the local stuff for the residential areas and
as of last night 13,000 people still had no power since Tuesday.

We believe this was really retaliation for them not gettting their
rate increase from the PUC and quite frankly people are not
to happy about this type of behavior from a business.

[email protected] wrote:

> [email protected] writes:
> > At least one major data center disconnected from the grid and went to
> > generator power, prior to the rolling blackouts. The motivation was not
> > stated, but it seems likely that they were requested to do so as part of
> > the voluntary interruption efforts. No interruption of service was seen.
> In a conversation with an MFS engineer today I mentioned the problems
> in the Bay area.  He previously worked for SNET (Southern New
> England Telephone, now part of SBC) for many years and said it was
> standard practice for them to disconnect COs from the grid and run
> off generator power for hours or even a day or two during the
> summer season.
> I was under the impression that these power shortages were the
> result of less over-engineering on the part of power companies due
> to deregulation but maybe this isn't such a new situation after all?


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