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  • From: Chris Cappuccio
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 18:24:31 2000

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:

 | 	Hello Dylan,  Knew this was coming .  But I'd hoped that 
 | 	the supported platforms would have been a little larger .
 | 	Just the 7200 & UP .  Seems cisco thinks ssh puts a bit
 | 	of load on a cpu ?  I can't see that for just a terminal
 | 	session though .  Twyl,  JimL

The ssh server should optimally generate new keys every so often (every few

This generally takes a lot of CPU time, and on a 2501 it would probably take
quite a while!!!

Also, the ssh server requires more memory then a telnet server.  This is a
problem for older routers.

While I'm at it, I believe Cisco is/will be using the OpenSSH code for newer
implementations of ssh under IOS.

Reverend Chris Cappuccio