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Re: Cisco's CNR vs ISC Bind/DHCP

  • From: Fletcher E Kittredge
  • Date: Wed Mar 22 14:15:16 2000

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000 19:44:28 -0500  Thomas Novak wrote:
> If you are looking at CNR and are running in a cable modem
> Have you inquired/looked at the Cisco CSRC product for provisioning it?
> You might want to look at CNR as it is part of the CSRC solution for 
> provisioning/managing not only Cisco but any DOCSIS compliant cable modem

Thanks for your suggestion Thomas!  We have tested, evaluated and used
CSRC in production.   We think that tftp still works pretty well.

Different applications need different tools.  The right tool for a
large business which is not an ISP is not necessarily the right tool
for an ISP.  It can be a high quality tool for a non-ISP, and not be
right for an ISP.

I have noticed over the last 15 years, the rise of the assumption that
GUIs (or in the last 7 the web interface) are useful under a wide
variety of circumstances and are always better than command line or
API interfaces.  For some set of high value clients, a GUI or web
interface, if it adds bugs, is actually a negative.

For people like us, we want efficient, reliable service components
with clean, clearly documented APIs.  Our job is to build reliable
systems with high performance integration with other system
components, such as metering, monitoring and billing systems.  In
general, GUIs are for untrained and casual users.  I like these for
things like Visio and Spreadsheets which are not core applications for
me.  If you are working with tens of thousands of simultaneous
connections, you better not be maintaining your DHCP records and
DOCSIS configurations with a GUI!

Once again, I would draw the analogy with Cisco's (or
Livingston,Xyzel,Bay,etc,etc,insert router vendor here)  "router
configuration GUI".  If router configuration is tangential to your
core business, you probably use one of these.  If router configuration
is your core business, I bet you dream in IOS command line syntax from
time to time.

Any how, I sincerely appreciate all the input I have recieved from all
of you.  It has been generally high quality yet colorful, like most
NANOG discussions.  I am sorry if my initial request for feedback
seemed flippant.  While I do hope the bug count for CSRC/CNR goes
down, I would guess that for a large market segment, it is the best
tool.  For us, we will stick with the ISC DNS/DHCP/tftp suite.