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RE: Lucent AccessPoint 450

  • From: Oleg Shpak
  • Date: Wed Mar 22 14:15:19 2000

Thanks to all, who answered me by e-mail.
Unfortunatelly nobody answered who are using AccessPoint.

Ok, I know Cisco very well, so don't have a choice.

Thanks again,

> Does anybody have an experience with Lucent AccessPoint 450 ?
> How reliable this equipment ? 
> Are you pleased to use it ?
> I have looked for Cisco7204, 
> but AccessPoint looks fine too, especially its price.
> I need to connect company office to two poviders via bursted T3 
> links. I need to do
> load balancing between these links in both direction. It must do 
> bgp, possible ospf, 
> access-lists, maybe traffic shaping.
> Thanks,
> Oleg Shpak.