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Re: Cisco's CNR vs ISC Bind/DHCP

  • From: Scott McGrath
  • Date: Wed Mar 22 14:15:14 2000

I am glad that I am not the only person who dreams in IOS!

Fletcher E Kittredge wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Mar 2000 19:44:28 -0500  Thomas Novak wrote:
> >
> > If you are looking at CNR and are running in a cable modem
> >
> > Have you inquired/looked at the Cisco CSRC product for provisioning it?
> >
> > You might want to look at CNR as it is part of the CSRC solution for
> > provisioning/managing not only Cisco but any DOCSIS compliant cable modem
> Thanks for your suggestion Thomas!  We have tested, evaluated and used
> CSRC in production.   We think that tftp still works pretty well.
> Different applications need different tools.  The right tool for a
> large business which is not an ISP is not necessarily the right tool
> for an ISP.  It can be a high quality tool for a non-ISP, and not be
> right for an ISP.
> I have noticed over the last 15 years, the rise of the assumption that
> GUIs (or in the last 7 the web interface) are useful under a wide
> variety of circumstances and are always better than command line or
> API interfaces.  For some set of high value clients, a GUI or web
> interface, if it adds bugs, is actually a negative.
> For people like us, we want efficient, reliable service components
> with clean, clearly documented APIs.  Our job is to build reliable
> systems with high performance integration with other system
> components, such as metering, monitoring and billing systems.  In
> general, GUIs are for untrained and casual users.  I like these for
> things like Visio and Spreadsheets which are not core applications for
> me.  If you are working with tens of thousands of simultaneous
> connections, you better not be maintaining your DHCP records and
> DOCSIS configurations with a GUI!
> Once again, I would draw the analogy with Cisco's (or
> Livingston,Xyzel,Bay,etc,etc,insert router vendor here)  "router
> configuration GUI".  If router configuration is tangential to your
> core business, you probably use one of these.  If router configuration
> is your core business, I bet you dream in IOS command line syntax from
> time to time.
> Any how, I sincerely appreciate all the input I have recieved from all
> of you.  It has been generally high quality yet colorful, like most
> NANOG discussions.  I am sorry if my initial request for feedback
> seemed flippant.  While I do hope the bug count for CSRC/CNR goes
> down, I would guess that for a large market segment, it is the best
> tool.  For us, we will stick with the ISC DNS/DHCP/tftp suite.
> regards,
> fletcher