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Re: Pre-Superbowl(tm) review

  • From: Ryan Tucker
  • Date: Sat Jan 29 13:15:32 2000

Also, apparently C&W and GBLX are in a peering dispute, which is causing a
bit of congestion around Atlanta (which is causing some packet loss
between here and a site 60 miles west of here, which is causing my pager
to go off every few hours....).  It's gone to legal, so this is going to
be a really annoying next few months...... -rt

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On 28 Jan 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:

> What's happening?
> AT&T Global Network (aka former IBM) is having network problems.
> AT&T Local Services (aka former TCG) Los Angeles seems to be fubared.
> Multiple peers are reporting problems with Sprint.
> PSI is having problems in Atlanta.
> Mindspring killed part of their network.
> Did everyone come out of their Y2K network freezes this week, and are now
> catching up on a lot of deferred network upgrades and maintenance before
> Superbowl weekend?