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Re: Pre-Superbowl(tm) review

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Jan 29 02:20:28 2000

Folks sent me various reasons for the current string of problems.

Several Denial of Service attacks in progress, which apparently
affected several connections between networks.  I've gotten conflicting
stories from the providers on either side of those connections.

GTEI/BBN made a BGP configuration error, messing up backbone routes
for about 25 minutes.

AT&T had a problem with ATM software, and is currently backing it out
of their switches.  I'm extremely confused by AGNS, ALS, and Worldnet
descriptions of the problem.  Whether it is a single problem affecting
all of them or different problems.

Mindspring had some kind of DNS problem, with the usual results.

PSI had power and facility outages in different locations.