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Napster & other bandwidth hogs

  • From: Ryan Bek
  • Date: Mon Jan 24 14:38:11 2000

Hello all -

I (and I presume many others) have had concerns brought to us about the 
bandwidth hogging apps & services, like Napster Music Community.  As many have 
discovered, applications such as these can consume a good deal of a broadband 
connection, as users can serve up files from their own machines, subverting 
normal firewall configs that can prevent undesired behind-the-firewall 

Since these apps are becoming more and more prevalent, as college students are 
huge collectors of digital music, and as bandwidth is always a concern, I am 
wondering what others in either the educational or business community are 
doing in light of this.  Even having logistical information such as, "close 
ports x, x, and x" would be of assistance.  I'd just like to have some 
ammunition in case others higher on the food chain ask for this to happen.

While there *is* a big concern about copyright (lawsuits and such are in the 
works against Napster), but being part of an educational community, 
restricting services based on content is a *huge* can of worms that is dealt 
with at higher levels than where I function.  I mostly need to know the 
technical end of stuff - Napster's site doesn't list any technical stuff like 
what ports are used.

Thanks a bunch!


Ryan Bek
Help Desk Manager
Office of Information Technology, Greensboro College
Phone - (336) 272-7102 x354
FAX   - (336) 271-6634