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RE: Napster & other bandwidth hogs

  • From: Charley Kline
  • Date: Mon Jan 24 16:02:50 2000

> Since these apps are becoming more and more prevalent, as college
> students are
> huge collectors of digital music, and as bandwidth is always a
> concern, I am
> wondering what others in either the educational or business community are
> doing in light of this.  Even having logistical information such
> as, "close
> ports x, x, and x" would be of assistance.  I'd just like to have some
> ammunition in case others higher on the food chain ask for this to happen.

The decision to block access to napster here was made at a higher level than
this writer, so I can't speak to the policies involved. I can however,
without further comment, reproduce the access list that seems to have
effectively cut them off:

    deny ip any
    deny ip any
    deny ip any
    deny ip any
    deny ip any

It's the second line that gets most of the hits.

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