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  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Sun Oct 31 12:56:37 1999

I might suggest that it will end when our infrastructure gets out of the
red. It may surprise many to know that the major infrastructure has been in
the red from day-one. Volunteer services are on the debit-side of the
ledger. Without some offsetting credits, the entire system is off-balance
and potentially unstable.

Why does it not bother anyone that most of our top-level infrastructure is
	1) Paid for, or subsidized, by USG/NSF funding
	2) is strictly voluntary (and unpaid)
	3) IANA has no detectable revenue stream
	4) The BIND-master (Vixie) has to go begging for funding (ISC)
	5) IETF is strictly voluntary.
	6) Generally insufficient financial support for the whole mess.

Why is that? In spite of all this, the system keep running. When they
finally figure out that they actually have to take care of "brick and
mortar" (you know, roof overhead and bread on the table) issues a bunch of
whiners show up to complain.

Free is fine and good, but sooner or later the landlords need to be paid and
the fields need harvesting in order to make the bread such that the kids can
eat. I don't mind nominal fees if it assures the continued existance of the

My personal concern is that some of these high-dollar dot-com maniacs don't
feel that they have a need to contribute towards the infrastructure.

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> 	Hello Kevin,
> On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Kevin Oberman wrote:
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> > > 	Heads up:
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> > Yes, but before getting excited, please read the full text including
> > the part about participants at the MAEs, PAIX, AADS, and
> PacBell being
> > exempt.
> 	Is this supposed to make me feel better ? Hmmm, I don't have any
> 	relationships there & I'll bet so DON'T alot of others .  These
> 	continual .05 & .10 antics of every frigging organisation that
> 	has anything todo with the internet today is getting -WAY- out
> 	line (not the prices I saw there) .  Next some idiot is going
> 	to say Because I provide toilet paper to Cisco/Bay-Networks/...
> 	I'm going to bill all of you with a wipe your backend surcharge.
> 	Signed Prodtor&Grumble or somesuch .  Gawd where does this end .
> 				Twyl,  JimL
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