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Reminder: RPSL Transition

  • From: Gerald Andrew Winters
  • Date: Fri Oct 29 16:56:30 1999

A final reminder for users of the RADB database service:  at 12:00:00 a.m. 
EDT on November 1, 1999, the and [email protected] services
will default to the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) database. 
This means that whois queries to after November 1 will
return RPSL objects.

RIPE-181 queries will still be possible after November 1 via whois queries
to and email submissions to [email protected] 
In addition, between 11/1/99 and 1/1/00, RIPE-181 submissions will be
auto-converted and folded into the RPSL database.  Users need to be aware
of this, as corresponding RPSL entries will be overwritten with the
auto-converted RIPE-181 objects.  You will need to *RECONFIGURE* your
tools to explicitly query and send RIPE-181
submissions to 

During the changeover, the DNS entry will be changed to
point to the production RPSL database.  Because of DNS latency, there will
be a period of time when all resolvers have not received the new DNS entry
IP address. During this transition period, some users may want to manually
configure the IP address used by their query tools.  The IP addresses of
the machines will be:  (RPSL queries) (RIPE-181 queries)

For further information about the transition to RPSL, see:

Comments or questions about the transition are welcome; please send email
to [email protected] 

--Gerald Winters
  Merit IRRd Team