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Instrumenting high-capacity sites

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Sun Oct 31 13:27:31 1999

Hello all,


I am the platform architect of a new, very high projected volume, web-site.
Initial troughput numbers are greater than 1Gbps with a TB of online disk
space. Initial site-backbone capacity is expected to exceed 5Gbps. Thois
includes both HTML and streaming multi-media content. Projections are
estimated to increase radically on commencement of service. Some of your
organization will be approached, by the General Contractor, within the next
few months. We will issue an RFP in 1Q2000. I am not at liberty to reveal
more than this at the moment.

What I need are links to vendors that provide instrumentation for multi-Gbps
backbones (aggregated 1000baseSX), local directors, and firewall support
(yes, I know about Checkpoint). Can some of you help me out here? What have
you used and what works, as well as what doesn't?

Please respond in private e-mail or the on-topic wardens will cast a hex on
me <grin>.
BTW, I also need (later) a list of providers that have a substantial "dark
fiber" network and can support cold-potato routing options. We will need
colo space with multi-Gbps feeds (Cisco 6500 series, our end).