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Re: Bellovin sez...

  • From: William S. Duncanson
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 12:18:44 1998

At 22:50 2/22/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Forgive my directness, but there was no _new_ data at all
>>in what the referenced URL quoted Steve/Matt as saying.
>I'll admit I asked Steve & Matt a pretty softball question, but that
>wasn't really the point.  My question was really about my fear that
>Internet outages aren't news anymore.  Have outages really become so
>common place that people now accept them as the normal condition of
>the net?

Yes.  At least three this week that I noticed, and I wasn't really looking.
 Limited in duration (<30 minutes).  This is speaking as an end user, which
I am, and not a network operator (which I sometimes am.)  It's not that
we're starting to accept them as the normal condition of the net, it's that
it's starting to be the normal condition of the net.  Some days are good,
others bad.
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