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Re: How to document threats from pro or anti spam terrorists?

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 13:24:52 1998

 > As much as I personnally wish for SPAM to just go away, it has to
 > be up to the legal system to sort that out.

The legal system has failed, utterly, on this one, so it's not
surprising that more and more people are taking it into their own
hands. A legal system works only so long as people have faith in its
sincere interest in enforcing the rights of honest and decent people.

 > There really are two terrorist groups here. Spammers and 
 > nti-Spammers.

That's like saying people defending their properties are as bad as
people they're defending against, that's moral confusion.

Remember that most spammers are not selling anything, they're just
maliciously trying to disrupt things, and have found a way to practice
their sociopathic sickness apparently outside the reach of law

There are good and honest people working very hard to provide internet
services, and then there are spammers who skulk in the shadows
bombarding systems with forged mail addresses hiding their identities

Anyone who equates these two groups needs to have their heads examined
and the malignant moral relativism tumors removed.

        -Barry Shein

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