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Re: Bellovin sez...

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 00:06:44 1998

>Forgive my directness, but there was no _new_ data at all
>in what the referenced URL quoted Steve/Matt as saying.

I'll admit I asked Steve & Matt a pretty softball question, but that
wasn't really the point.  My question was really about my fear that
Internet outages aren't news anymore.  Have outages really become so
common place that people now accept them as the normal condition of
the net?

There is a lack of any new data.  In general providers seem to be
releasing less and less information why outages occur.  Are natural
disasters really the major cause of outages, or is pilot error a bigger
factor than providers care to admit?

Fiber cuts get repaired a lot faster than dumb management decisions.
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