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Re: Broken domain statistics...

  • From: Jerry Eyers
  • Date: Mon Feb 16 22:27:24 1998

>P.S. Just in case people have forgotten: I want to change the postal laws
>to apply to electronic communication. This doesn't completely ban spam, but
>bans a number of pernicious activities which technically aren't illegal if
>a postal address isn't involved, requires that spamers not send email to
>people who don't want it, and bans sexual solictations to addresses that
>don't want it, have children, etc.  It has the advantage of being a)
>reasonable b) guaranteed constitional c) inexpensive to implement.
>These other "solutions" are just poorly thoughtout lunacy, which will have
>side effects that are worse than the original problem.

Keep in mind what other "benefits" that brings to the table, like issues
related to network monitoring.  Suddenly you can no longer legaly plug a
sniffer into your network to fix a problem because you could be carrying
someone's email over the wire.  It would be better than what is going on 
now, but I am not sure it would be the best solution.