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Re: Fiber cut in SJ 1:54 EST

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Tue Feb 17 00:20:45 1998

>They will?  How many know about the cut in Atlanta Sunday?  8-12 hrs?  I
>don't know exactly.  Do they (WorldCom) have a maillist for trouble and
>scheduled maintenance or a status page?  And what happened to their website?
>Their dns entry is gone.

The mailing list [email protected] has some multi-provider outage information.
Although, like most mailing lists, the quality of information depends on
contributors to the list. is the parent corporation web site.  Whether 'they' have
a mailing list for trouble or scheduled maintenance is a very different
question than do 'they' bother posting anything to it.

During some outages it takes MFS's service center 40 minutes to answer
the phone.  WCOM is taking up to 15 minutes to answer the phone.  "Answer"
means reach someone/something that can give accurate information and open
a trouble ticket, as opposed to the "Your call is very important, please
wait...." recording.

Misc. California:
    Too many to itemize.

    Unstable ground has affected several facilities-based carriers.  AT&T,
    MCI, Pacbell, Worldcom, etc have had one or more circuit failures in
    the last week.  Although I believe most of the MAE-West issues have
    involved human activities, some with prior notice, some without notice.

Buckhead, GA:
    Worldom 28 OC-12 circuits out of service, 8:06am-1:02pm on Sunday.
    reason: fiber cut ?human/nature?

And to show I'm not just beating up on Worldcom... Here's one for AT&T's
latest aquisition, TCG/Teleport.

St. Louis, MO:
    TCG/AT&T takes their SONET ring out of service 00:56am-3:18am Sunday.
    reason: scheduled maintenance, prior customer notice: no.
Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
  Affiliation given for identification not representation