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Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

  • From: Dave Crocker
  • Date: Sat Apr 26 16:08:32 1997

At 11:46 AM -0700 4/26/97, Karl Denninger wrote:
>You are so full of it Paul that one has to wonder what you're smoking, and
>how you've avoided prison doing so.
>What the hell has been addling your brain out there in California?

	Karl, I seem to recall that you have recently attempted to take the
moral high ground, disparaging those who engage in ad hominem criticisms of
you.  Some of us have been amused by you, of all people, taking such a
stance.  I'd like to thank you for reminding us just who is speaking and
what he is like.

>Anyone trying to take "COM" and point it somewhere else will find that they
>have created a class-action lawsuit with 1,000,000 plaintiffs -- all the
>people who you instantly disconnect that have COM domains.

	My, but you ARE one for hyperbole, aren't you.  But since you are
once again engaging in the practise of law without a license, please
explain the legal conditions that have changed from the last time IANA did
exactly this type of change, moving the administrative delegation for .com
from its 10+ (actually 20+) year assignment over to NSI.

	As much difficulty as you seem to have accepting this, Paul, IANA
is the authority for assignments, not NSI, and certainly not you, no matter
how much you lust after that role.

>Grow up Paul.

	good advise, Karl.  Take it.




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