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Re: NEWDOM: Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

  • From: Perry E. Metzger
  • Date: Sat Apr 26 16:07:55 1997

Karl Denninger writes:
> > NSI does not own the root domain .com .org .net or any other TLD.
> > They were *hired* by the NSF to manage the registration of domain names
> > for these TLDs, and they have done a  deplorable job.  They are now being
> > fired, if anyone is opening themselves up for a class action suite it is
> > NSI for not relinquishing property that they have no legal right to claim
> > as their own.
> There you are very wrong.
> Prior to September 1995 you were correct. 

Go and read the cooperative agreement sometime. Its on the web, you
know. It clearly states two things: 1) that NSI may be permitted to
charge at some point in the future to defer costs, and that 2) at the
end of the contract, everything reverts to the NSF -- EVERYTHING.

The contract also notes that NSF is funding the contract but that the
origin of the delegation is the IANA.

I strongly urge people to go and read it for themselves.

Speaking personally, and not in an official capacity
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