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Re: Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

  • From: Matt Ranney
  • Date: Tue Feb 18 18:52:51 1997

On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:

> What do you think happens to the nameservers on the net when they're asked
> for a domain that doesn't have functional servers, and they sit and churn
> trying to resolve the names?
> BTW, churn is the right word.  Its taking anywhere from 5-10 *seconds* to
> come back as NXDOMAIN on each request for those that fail to resolve, and
> this is from the IANA roots.

So aside from programs like yours, who ever asks for domains that
aren't in use?  

> This IS a functional problem - and worse, all those non-existant zones and
> the VM churn they generate on the COM TLD servers is probably the REASON
> that we're looking at this kind of horrid performance!

Thats fair, I guess.  Perhaps some of those $100 in fees for unused
domains could be used to buy more RAM for root server operators.
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