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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Bill Manning
  • Date: Mon Dec 02 08:51:25 1996

> Bill et al,
> > 	It may only be a trend as seen from the boxen.
> is basically AGIS full table union Sprint full table union
> UUnet full table union 
> For reasons two complicated to go into I've got entirely
> different full routing on a box in London, and yes, it's
> a different size (smaller actually last time I looked).
> Alex Bligh
> Xara Networks

	Does this call into question the idea that there is a
	single "default-free" view of the Internet?

	My box is attempting to collect a view of the routing
	system as seen at a particular point in the topology.
	While this may not be interesting to Randy, others
	might find it useful.

	I would be interested in tracking the views as seen at
	a number of different places in the topology. The deltas
	between the growth in the number of widely dispersed routes
	vs the local varience would be an interesting number to 

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