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NANOG 28 Attendee List

Last Name First Name Organization Payment Status
Abbas Majdi Lattice Networks, Inc. Paid
Abley Joe Internet Software Consortium Speaker
Acree Todd Caspian Networks No Charge
Afek Yehuda Riverhead Networks Speaker
Arif Amir Japan Telecom America Paid
Arnold Jonathan Arbor Networks No Charge
Atkinson Randall Extreme Networks Paid
Bacher Jan ShawneeLink Corporation Paid
Bakshi Sanjay Intel R & D Paid
Bannister David Riverhead Networks No Charge
Bechly Thomas MCI Paid
Bellovin Steven AT&T Speaker
Bennett Jon InterStream Paid
Bergen Patrick Utah Education Network No Charge
Bethke Scott Thruport Paid
Bhattacharyya Supratik Sprint Advanced Technology Labs Paid
Bierman Andy Cisco Systems Speaker
Biesele Mike ArosNet, Inc. Paid
Blunk Larry Merit Network, Inc. Paid
Boudreau Troy Verio Inc. Paid
Bown Mark Optigate Networks, Inc. Paid
Brann David C I Host.com Paid
Brar Jagwinder Amazon.com Paid
Bridge Emma British Telecommunications Paid
Brooks Roy Cisco Systems Speaker
Browning Grover Indiana Univ. Information Technology Svcs. Speaker
Bryson Barry Utah Education Network No Charge
Burke Betty Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Bush Randy IIJ Speaker
Caban William University of Puerto Rico Paid
Callon Ross Juniper Networks Speaker
Caputo Chris Altopia Corporation Paid
Cathey Charles France Telecom R&D Paid
Chaudhry Ather Caspian Networks No Charge
Christell Todd SpringNet Paid
Chu Christina NTT/VERIO Paid
Cladianos John Procket Paid
Claffy K CAIDA Speaker
Coffey Richard University of Utah No Charge
Colburn Scot Nat'l Center for Atmospheric Research Paid
Cole Allen Utah Education Network No Charge
Collie Bob ENA Paid
Comstedt Niclas Level3 Communications Paid
Conte Steve ICANN Paid
Cottrell R. Les SLAC, Stanford University Speaker
Croke Gary Caspian Networks Paid
Crowe David University of Oregon Paid
Davids Marco SARA Paid
DeBack Dean Adelphia Paid
Desha John University of Utah No Charge
Divinia Darin Yahoo Paid
Doyle Jeff Juniper Networks Speaker
Duncan Jim Cisco Systems, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Group Speaker
Easterday Tom Cisco Systems Paid
Elgar Boaz Riverhead Networks Paid
Emmons Paul Digital Resources Inc Paid
Enns Robert Juniper Networks Speaker
Epperson Kevin Level 3 Communications, LLC Paid
Erkman Ingrid ICG Communications Paid
Fay Dale Merit Paid
Fedele Frank Netconn Solutions Paid
Feldman Steve CNET Networks Paid
Ferguson Wes Utah Education Network No Charge
Field Brian Comcast Paid
Finn Sean RouteScience Technologies Paid
Fischbach Nicolas COLT Telecom Speaker
Forney Susan Microsoft Paid
Franz Matthew Critical Infrastructure Assurance Group Speaker
Frazier Chris Merit - RADB Paid
Freedman Avi Traffic Sciences Paid
Freskos Mark Cisco Systems, Inc Paid
Fujimoto Koichiro NEC America Inc. Paid
Gallo Andrew The George Washington University Paid
Garrett Aviva Juniper Networks No Charge
Garvin Wendy Cisco Systems Paid
Giannopoulos Art Cogent Communications Paid
Gibbard Stephen Steve Gibbard Consulting/PCH Paid
Gilbertson David Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Gill James UUNet Paid
Gilmore Patrick Akamai Technologies Paid
Glasser Scott OPNET Technologies, Inc. No Charge
Greene Barry Cisco Systems Speaker
Hares Susan Nexthop Technologies Speaker
Harp Greg SBC Internet Services Paid
Harper John Cisco Systems Paid
Harris Neal Foundry Networks No Charge
Harris Susan Merit Network, Inc. Speaker
Heasley John Verio Speaker
Heimlich Steve SAIC Paid
Henshaw Mark   Paid
Hess Steve Utah Education Network No Charge
Hoffman Paul VPN Consortium Paid
Horak Brad Switch and Data / PAIX Paid
Horn Joshua Snow NAP of the Americas Paid
Hughes Aaron YellowBrix Paid
Hughes Mike London Internet Exchange Paid
Hwang Soon-Chul National Computerization Agency Paid
Izena Shota NTT Communications Paid
Jackson James Broadwing Communications Paid
Jaeggli Joel Computing Center University of Oregon No Charge
Jahsman Bill Utah Education Network No Charge
Jessup Troy Utah Education Network No Charge
Joffe Rodney UltraDNS Corporation Paid
Joiner Sue Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Jones LaMont Hewlett-Packard Company Paid
Jordan Bret University of Utah No Charge
Kaeo Merike   Paid
Kaiser Roger King County ITS Paid
Kalonji Ndiata France Telecom R&D Paid
Kato Masayuki MIND Paid
Katz Dave Juniper Networks Speaker
Kelleher Bill Utah Education Network No Charge
Kelley Paul Seranoa Networks No Charge
Kelly Christopher Riverhead Networks Paid
Kemp Brad Seranoa Networks Paid
Kessens David Nokia Paid
Khan Dawn Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Killalea Tom Amazon.com Paid
Kim Jong-Seo Ifeelnet Paid
Kleeh Jason SBC Paid
Kohno Yutaka NTT Communications Paid
Komatsu Naoto JENS Corporation Paid
Kondapaneni Srihari Procket Networks Inc. Paid
Kondo Kuniaki Intec NetCore, Inc. Paid
Kosters Mark Verisign Paid
Krauska Joel Cisco Systems Paid
Kristoff John DePaul University Paid
Kristoff Laura Northwestern University Information Technology Paid
Kruckenberg Pete Utah Education Network Speaker
Kunitake Koichi RINT Paid
Labovitz Craig Arbor Networks Paid
Lambing Brett ENA Paid
Landgraf Keith Lab for Telecom Sciences Paid
Larson John Sprint Advanced Technology Labs Paid
Larson Matt VeriSign Paid
Lathrop Jack Caspian Networks Paid
Leinen Simon SWITCH Paid
Levy Martin Latin American Nautilus, Inc. Paid
Lewis Darrel Riverhead Networks No Charge
Lewis Edward ARIN Speaker
Li Anthony Procket Networks Paid
Licon Richard Cisco Systems No Charge
Lightwala Murtuza Procket Networks Inc. Paid
Linder Marty Software Engineering Institute Paid
Linnenkamp Ted AOL-TW Paid
Lloyd Mike RouteScience Technologies Speaker
Loevner Michael ARIN Paid
Lothberg Peter Stupi LLC Paid
Love Paul Internet Consulting of Vermont Paid
Lucena Sidney Brazilian Research Network Paid
Lynch Lucy University of Oregon No Charge
Lyngbøl Michael TDC Solutions A/S Paid
Maghbouleh Arman Cariden Technologies Paid
Malan Rob Arbor Networks Paid
Manderson Terry APNIC Paid
Manning Bill ep.net Paid
Massey Daniel USC/ISI Paid
Maw Dave Utah Education Network No Charge
Mbaye Daouda The George Washington University Paid
McBride Mike Cisco Systems Speaker
McCreary Sean Packet Clearing House Paid
McGaugh Dave Electric Lightwave, Inc. Paid
McGuckin Joe ViaNet Communications Paid
McPherson Danny Arbor Networks Speaker
Meehan James Arbor Networks Paid
Meyer David Sprint Speaker
Michaels Max Net Access Corp. Paid
Micheel Joerg Endace Measurement Systems No Charge
Miller Kevin Carnegie Mellon University Paid
Minei Ina Juniper Networks Paid
Mitchell Keith XchangePoint Paid
Mitchell Rodney Lockheed Martin Paid
Mizukoshi Ichiro NTT/VERIO Paid
Montgomery Doug NIST Paid
Moriarty Kathleen MIT Lincoln Laboratory Speaker
Morita Hiromi POWEREDCOM America, Inc. Paid
Morris Bryan Utah Education Network No Charge
Morris Shawn NTT/Verio Paid
Morrow Christopher UUNET Technologies Paid
Morville Paul Arbor Networks No Charge
Natarajan A.E. Procket Networks Paid
Ng Alex Doubleclick, Inc Paid
Nielsen Per Randrup TDC Solutions A/S Paid
Nobile Leslie ARIN Paid
Noble Steve Procket Networks Paid
Norton William Equinix Paid
Nowlin Lauren 'Ren' SBC Internet Services Paid
Oberman Kevin ESnet Paid
Olin Greg Nokia Paid
Ospina John AT&T Wireless Paid
Packham Dave University of Utah No Charge
Partan Andrew Partan Labs Speaker
Petersen Mike Utah Education Network No Charge
Ploessel Matthew Niuhi Paid
Poperszky Terry SOS Staffing Services Paid
Provo Joseph RCN Paid
Prue Walter Los Nettos Paid
Pucik Joe MCI Paid
Pusateri Tom Juniper Networks Paid
Quesada Christopher Switch and Data Paid
Redwine Gerald Cisco Systems Paid
Reich Andrew University of Utah No Charge
Reoch David HP Paid
Retana Alvaro Cisco Systems, Inc. Speaker
Richards Adam NTT/VERIO Paid
Richardson Scott Utah Education Network No Charge
Riendeau Tim LDMI Telecommunications Paid
Roisman Dani Sony Online Entertainment, Inc. Paid
Roldan Brad Covad Paid
Rose Mitchell The Regence Group Paid
Ruddick David ATT Wireless Paid
Russell Jason Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Sachdev Avneesh Procket Networks Inc. Paid
Saito Toshikazu POWEREDCOM America, Inc. Paid
Salman Taylor OPNET Technologies, Inc. No Charge
Sato Jun Diamond Link, Inc. Paid
Schecter Steven Net Access Corp. Paid
Schiller Jeffrey Massachusetts Institute of Technology Speaker
Schoenmaker Peter NTT/Verio Paid
Schroedl Sandy Procket Networks Paid
Scott Steve University of Utah No Charge
Seastrom Robert ClueTrust Paid
Seely Ted Sprint Paid
Sellors Ben Cisco Systems Paid
Shafer Phil Juniper Networks Speaker
Shafer Timothy Procket Networks Inc. Paid
Shekhar Ravi Juniper Networks Paid
Shepherd Greg Procket Networks Paid
Siemsen Pete NCAR Paid
Smith Philip Cisco Systems Inc Speaker
Snow Bruce UUNET Technologies Paid
Sobocinski Eric Arbor Networks Paid
Soricelli Joe Juniper Networks Speaker
Stephens David MAE ENGINEERING Paid
Stewart Jim Utah Education Network No Charge
Stovall Bob Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Suder Christian Cisco Systems No Charge
Sugeno Akio TELEHOUSE America Paid
Symonds Paul Utah Education Network No Charge
Takabe Fumihiro NTT Communications Corporation Paid
Teller Wendy Tellabs Operations Inc. Paid
Terashima Fumio Japan Telecom America Paid
Thatte Sachin Allstate Insurance Company Paid
Thomas Rob Cisco Systems/Team Cymru Paid
Tomigahara Diazo JENS Corporation Paid
Traeden Jason University of Utah No Charge
Turner Anthony BBC Technology Paid
Turner Jeffrey InterStream, LLC Paid
Underwood Todd Renesys Corporation Paid
Unfried David linkLINE Communications Paid
Urban Tim University of Utah No Charge
Varadarajan Rajesh Procket Networks Paid
Varadhan Kannan Procket Networks Paid
Volk Ruediger Deutsche Telekom Paid
Wadsworth Carol Merit Network, Inc. No Charge
Wall Rob Seranoa Networks No Charge
Ward David Cisco Systems Speaker
Weasler Tony Attron Networks Paid
Wessels Duane Packet Pushers No Charge
Whelchel Andrew DigitalConnections Paid
Wilcox Stephen Telecomplete Paid
Williams Bill NAP of the Americas Paid
Wilson Doug Microsoft Paid
Wittbrodt Cathy   Speaker
Wolfe Doug Optigate Networks, Inc. Paid
Woodcock Bill Packet Clearing House Paid
Woolf Suzanne ISC Paid
Wright Gina Marie Digital Resources Inc Paid
Yallaly Glenn Avici SYstems No Charge
Yoshida Tomoya NTT Communications Paid
Zhang Lixia UCLA Paid
Zhang Yu Cisco Systems, Inc. Paid
Zhu Joe China Telecom (USA) Corporation Paid
Zydel Chris Cablevision Systems Corp. Paid


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