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Re: NAT66 and the subscriber prefix length

  • From: Eugeniu Patrascu
  • Date: Sat Nov 22 14:36:35 2008

[email protected] wrote:
My gripe was that I wanted to get an IPv6 allocation from RIPE to start testing how IPv6 would fit in the company that I work for and build a dual stack network so that when the time comes, just switch on IPv6 BGP neighbors and update the DNS.

But at almost 10.000 EUR per year it's an experiment I can't afford.

That is not an experiment.

I was hoping to do it in one step with my own IPv6 PI space and do the allocation and routing on the servers/routers/firewalls, see how that goes and when the time was right, just announce my prefix to the world :)

An experiment is where you go to <>,
generate your own unique RFC 4193 prefix, and then implement your IPv6
network using that. When you are ready to switch on BGP peering with the
rest of the world, get a /32 from your RIR, and renumber the network
the interface IDs the same.

Thanks for the URL, I was not aware of it. I guess I'll have to experiment with prefixes from that and see hot it goes.

If you are concerned that renumbering will be hard, go back and generate
another ULA, and renumber your network as part of your experiment.

I'll probably do that also.